Club Champions may be determined a few different ways. The method is to be decided by the Committee before each summer season commences. 


Methods may be, but are not limited to -

a.         Champions may be determined by using best times from club nights through-out the immediate summer season.

b.         Traditional way of dedicating time to swim championships (as a meet).

c.         Target a swim meet.




2.1.1    The Club Championships will be conducted under the rules of the SNSW and those set down by the club.


2.1.2    To participate in the championships, competitors must meet the following conditions:


  • Be a financial member of the club.

  • Swim 50% of eligible Championships races/events (exclude opens).

  • Second Claim and Club Night members are entitled to participate in club championships and receive club awards.


    2.1.3    Swimmers are restricted to 8 (eight) events.


    2.1.4    A swimmer’s age will be determined by their age on the 1ST day of the championships, or in the case of a, above, on 1 January of that summer season.


    2.1.5    A swimmer cannot compete in both 25m & 50m events in the same stroke.


    2.1.6    Points are awarded in each event and age group – See 2.2.


    2.1.7    Trophies will be awarded to male and female 1st, 2nd & 3rd placegetters in each age group AND Open Championships.


    2.1.8    25m swimmers will receive ribbons.


    2.1.9    For championships held under method at 2.b :


  • Late entries will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances.

  • Competitors are seeded in heats according to the best time they swim on club nights.

  • If a swimmer fails to arrive (on time) for their nominated heat they will forfeit that event.

  • To participate in the club championships a competitor should complete an entry as instructed by the race Secretary.



    2.2       Point Scoring

    Points will be scored in separate male and female competitions as follows:

    1st       4 points

    2nd      3 points

    3rd       2 points,  and Participation 1 point

    2.3       Age Groups

    8 & U                           9 yrs                           

    10 yrs                          11 yrs

    12 yrs                          13 yrs

    14 yrs                          15 yrs

    16 yrs                          17 & O


    2.4       Club Championship Program Events

    Open                           200 Back

    6&U – 11                     25 Fly

    10&U – 17&O                         100 Fly

    8&U – 17&O               50 Fly

    Open                           200 Breast

    6&U – 11 yrs               25 Back

    10&U – 17&O                         100 Back

    8&U – 17&O               50 Back

    OPEN                                     200or400 Freestyle

    6&U - 11 yrs                25 Breast

    10 & U - 17 & O          100 Breast

    8 & U - 17 & O            50 Breast

    6&U - 11 yrs                25 Free

    10&U - 17&O              100 Free

    8&U - 17&O                50 Free

    9 YR - 17&O               200 I.M.

    OPEN                                     200 Butterfly


    2.5       Open Events


    2.5.1    To be eligible to enter OPEN events, swimmers MUST enter and swim the 50m events in all 4 strokes.


    2.5.2    To compete in an Open event a swimmer must break the predetermined qualifying time (see 2.6) swum in the the current season.


    2.5.3    Swimmers who enter Open events are automatically considered to have swum the equivalent AGE event in that distance. Result times from Open events will automatically be used as the result time for the age event.


    2.6       Qualifying Times for Open Events


    Distance         200m                           400m

    Free                 3 min 50 sec               3 min 30 sec

    Back                4 min                           N/A

    Breast              4 min 45 sec               N/A

    Fly                   4 min 20 sec               N/A

    I.M.                  4 min                           N/A


    Swimmers who wish to enter the Open Championship events will have times from the AGE Championship events swum, allocated accordingly. This prevents swimmers duplicating their swims. Result times from Age events will automatically be used as the result time for the Open event.