Since 2012 the club has had coaching services from an independent privately operated swim coaching organisation, which also serves the Telopea Swim Club.


As a result, rationalisation of training facilities enabled members of both clubs to train as one group and their joint development has been identified along with skill development, capacity and swimming or training goals. I should note that ALL swimmers of both clubs are able to attend any site that is convenient for them.


Members of both clubs attend swim meets together and have shown to the local district and interstate venues that they are a highly competitive and a vocal group in their support of their training partners; seemingly as one team.


Unfortunately, neither club had enough swimmers in most age groups to be able to form relay teams, and due to the rules of swimming, were not able to join forces, but the swimmers indicated their wish to do so.


Both clubs have proud and identifiable qualities that they want to preserve, enhance and be identified for future members, as does their current home locations; Queanbeyan and Woden, so a merger was and is out of the question.


As a relationship occurred between swimmers, parents and committee members, QTS was formed in 2013. This happened, essentially so that we could enter relay teams. The criteria for entering a relay event, is that a team must consist of 1st claim swimmers. As neither club had enough swimmers in most age groups it was not possible to enter a team. This is why, when swimmers ask to transfer to QTS, they are first claim to QTS, but remain 2nd claim to their home club.


 This is a great initiative for the swimmers, giving them more opportunities in a competitive environment. It also helps QLSC retain swimmers as they won’t feel the need to transfer to other ACT based clubs to achieve their goal and will ensure they continue to strive and thrive under the Queanbeyan banner.


As both clubs wish to maintain their identity, it was decided to NOT have a QTS uniform, but to continue to wear our own club shirts, proudly. Ask those swimmers who medal at country and state how proud they are to stand on the dais in their own club shirt - QUEANBEYAN LEAGUES! 


Yes, when we medal in a relay, there may be different shirts - what a bonus for all of us! It doesn’t matter that there might be 3 Telopea shirts and 1 of ours. THAT QLSC swimmer was IN THAT TEAM and enabled the other 3 team mates to get that medal!! How cool is that!?! And it’s great when it’s turned around and there’s 3 QLSC swimmers and 1 Telopea!


Our swimmers usually compete in a QTS swim cap simply because it’s easier to identify the swimmers, for the check starters at meets. And of course, that goes for our coaches, too!!


One of our clubs goals is to increase the number of swimmers at that higher age group and level, so we can retain them training at Queanbeyan. 


Oh! And we are the only clubs with this sort of connection, so we ARE a SPECIAL club, we ARE PRO-ACTIVE and we ARE WILLING to consider anything to ASSIST OUR SWIMMERS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.


We hope this helps to clear things up a little for you. If you have any questions, please just ask one of your committee members.