Each swimmer is assigned to a training group based on their abilities and level of commitment. Swimmers are constantly assessed and will be moved to the appropriate group based on their swimming capability, attitude, commitment and expectations. The coach is the person who will suggest and approve changes in groups.


First, Make contact to arrange a try-out with our coach. The coach will evaluate the swimmer and determine what training group best meets their needs. New swimmers are invited to take part in a free training session if they wish. This is a great way to see if the swimmer can cope with training sessions. Sometimes the swimmer may be assessed as needing additional swimming development and the Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre can assist in preparing a swimmer for Swim Club. Even if a swimmer is assessed as not quite ready for Swim Club Training Sessions, they can still join the club and participate in the Club Nights over summer. This gives the swimmer further swimming experience and also allows our coaches to assess improvements.


Second, if you are not already a member of the club, complete the required registration. Pay your fees, which will include the Swimming NSW annual fee.  The first month/quarter training fees will be invoiced separately. Please discuss other options of payment with our Registrar or Treasurer.


Then, come to training, learn a lot, make new friends, and enjoy being a team member of Queanbeyan Leagues Swimming Club! Once you settle in, you may even want to start competing at swim meets.